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Download all Report Server RDL’s

Thanks kindly to Vinay: http://bit.ly/1mfZY5n

There is no option to download all RDL’s at once from Report Server. This handy script will at least collect them all and dump them into a folder of your choosing. It won’t place them into relevant folders but if you’re like me, merely having the ability to quickly obtain the hundred or more RDL’s is a massive time saver.

Essentially SSRS stores its reports in binary form within ReportServer database – Catalog table. Using BCP we can dump the contents into a folder.

Note: xp_cmdshell is required and is likely disabled by default, your organization should have policies around its use. Please be sure to work with your DBA.

Now run the following, having configured the @OutputPath variable and changing the [ReportServer] database name if it is named something else.

The script does provide the ability to download reports matching a keyword, so you could get creative and download specific reports to folders of your choosing. If your catalog is well organized.

Enjoy, I did!

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