Back from Las Vegas

Back from Las Vegas

Okay I had a blast! Did something every night even though it was a business trip. I was extremely well received by the chocolate factory owners and corporate alike.

I’ve made some special friendships already I think, which is awesome. I am looking forward to moving to Colorado.

I already knew Jeremy Kinney from a previous installation, so I did some cool things with him. I also knew the Field Consultants, from all my various travels; Lisa, Tanya, Donna, Sandy and Debbie. I went up to their hotel for dessert, drinks and fun.

Here I met Jaimee Callies.

Jaimee was really cool to hang out with. We rode the New York New York roller-coaster together, which was really fun, but hot because we rode it in the day. We actually had ran, yes ran (Jaimee in her flip flops) across Las Vegas from Paris to New York New York to try and ride the roller-coaster by night the night before, but got there too late ๐Ÿ™ Prior we had ridden to the top of the Eiffel Tower with Jeremy and the Field Consultants. I just thought she was cool and fun to do stuff with.


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