Our Land Rover Defender from Bush Lore - spending the next 3 weeks in this bad boy

Bush Lore Land Rover Defender

Our transport for the next three weeks and our home for a third of it. This is the Land Rover Defender rented from Bush Lore – a South African company specialising in safari and off-road adventures.

She’s well appointed with the following:

  • Two rooftop tents including ladder access for each
  • Permanent 4×4 with very low range option
  • Ample storage room in the back
  • Camping chairs and cooking equipment
  • Slide out tray containing all camping amenities you’d need for cooking

This is a rugged and romantic choice as it feels like a safari vehicle. Great height perfect for game viewing and, as we will most definitely need, the ability to camp in the most dangerous areas.

We will sleep with the lions and hyenas on a number of occasions.

Our safari adventure is just begun!

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