Softball October 15th-19th

Softball October 15th-19th

Here are the results and minor comments from the softball games I have played in this week:

Monday 15th October
White Rabbits 2 lost Miller Time 18

Other than the game where we lost 34-8 this last Summer (I didn’t play that game by the way) this was probably our next worst loss ever. The worst loss I have been involved in anyway. We just couldn’t score any runs! Our first run came from yours truly in about the 4th innings, a solo home run that didn’t mean anything other than getting us off the mark.

Wednesday 17th October
El Camino 21 defeated White Line Fever 8

I was travelling in OHIO while this game was played. We won the game 21-8, which keeps us in outright 1st place with 2 and 0 record.

Friday 19th October
Pure Enjoyment 20 defeated Nazarene’s 5

I was travelling in OHIO while this game was played. After losing last week in our first game as a team, I guess the guys turned it around and won convincingly!


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