Softball November 12th-15th

Softball November 12th-15th

Here are the results and minor comments from the softball games I have played in this week:

Monday 12th November
White Rabbits v Hot Shots

Game rained out. Rescheduled for next week.

Wednesday 15th November
Paso Pub 24 defeated El Camino 23

What a game this turned out to be! We went into the game with a 4-1 record, and Paso Pub went in with a 3-2 record. What that meant was we had the season win in the bag if we could win, or lose by less than 15 runs. We had previously beaten Paso Pub 20-5 a few weeks ago.

We started disastrously! The outfield was wet, and the ball very slippery. Misfields, misthrows and missed catches plagued us as we were down 15-0 after two innings.

The 3rd was a great innings for us. We were 2 out, 4 runs on the board and finished with an 8 run, 2 out rally! 12 runs on the board certainly did give us some renewed strength. My highlight was skewing a ball to deep right field where the ball landed just safely in front of the right fielder. He threw to his cut off man, as I rounded 3rd. The dude must have thought I was going to stay on 3rd. No way! I ran home, beating his throw and completed an in-field grand slam home run!

We took the game by the scruff of the neck from here, and going into the last innings we led 20-17. We were unable to hold on, and lost in the end by 1 run. But we saved our season and won on points differential.

Thursday 16th November
Honorbound 31 defeated Pure Enjoyment 18


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