Why Quickflix is bad

Why Quickflix is bad

I’ve finally decided to cancel my Quickflix account having put it into a Suspended state repeatedly over the past 6 months. Why? Plenty of reasons.

It’s expensive.

I was a fan and happy user of Netflix when I lived in the USA. Netflix is the pioneer of DVD-to-Home movie rentals, they do it well and they do it cheap. I had an unlimited 3-at-a-time plan for $17.99 per month. The same plan on Quickflix is $36.99 per month. Netflix has since come down to $16.99 per month because they actually lower prices to compete with the market. I haven’t seen Quickflix prices change in a year. End of story.

You can’t cancel your account online.

I suppose I can understand a Company wants another chance to try and keep your business, but this is why the website guides you through alternate options to try and keep you. There is a Pause Subscription and Change Subscription option so why is the Cancel Subscription option via phone only?

They even tease you by hyperlinking the “Cancel my subscription” header to a page that doesn’t exist.

Canceling via phone wasn’t easy either.

You dial 1300-138-644 to cancel your subscription via option #6. The first time I was transferred, a new ringing tone could be heard before I re-entered the exact same entry menu I started in. The second time I was transferred and disconnected from the call. Third time I actually got someone who was pleasant enough, but I could swear I could hear someone doing dishes in the background.

Does Quickflix farm their calls to contractors working from home?

Quickflix is obviously borrowing on the successes of Netflix and Blockbuster in the USA. I would too. They either need assistance from these players who know what they are doing, or we need some competition in the DVD-to-Home market in Australia.

More competition for goods and services in Australia = good for the consumer.


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  1. I’d keep an eye on your credit card or checking account, whichever you’re using to pay (used to pay) for the Quickflix service.

    Do they have an address where you can write in to cancel your account? Or are you supposed to get something in writing?

    Bally’s Fitness are notorious for pulling stunts like that, where they claim they never received requests to cancel accounts, etc. You can call, but there’s no phone log, so no proof you called. You could fax it and get a receipt showing the fax went through but “we never got any fax”. The only tried & true method of canceling was to send your request via UPS or Certified Mail so you had proof they’d received it.

    Sorry if this makes you a bit paranoid. After all, the world famous Blizzard pull the exact same stunt if you want to cancel your WoW subscription; you can do everything to your account online except cancel it. You want to cancel, you have to call.

    “Aah, bugger it! That’s too much trouble! I’ll be on hold forever!”

  2. Nah, not paranoid. Just building a longer list of companies to not support with my patronage.

    Your final thought it so true though. I just feel it’s bad business.