Mt Amos Hike, Tasmania

Mt Amos Hike, Tasmania

Having found this scene (or similar) on Instagram, one of the absolute bucket list items for our trip to Tasmania was this hike.

I’m not kidding, see for yourself

Staying in nearby Bicheno; Louise and I drove down to Coles Bay National Park to begin our hike. We learned there were two of three options available:

  • Lower Wineglass Bay beach track. Not challenging but takes you down to Wineglass Bay. Closed due to repair.
  • Lower Wineglass Bay lookout track. Not challenging, offers great views of Wineglass Bay.
  • Upper Wineglass Bay “track” – challenging, dangerous, requires good equipment and fitness.

Pretty obvious which we were there for. There was no way I was going to walk a tourist-laden, busy, easy track for a few photos. The difficult track, which required rock climbing and scrambling across sheer rock faces was indeed dangerous but by no means impossible. With proper shoes and ability, you should have no trouble. I was amazed at how many Asian-selfie-taking-girls we came across (in jeans and sunglasses, mind you) who had to turn around rather quickly. Again, I am not kidding!

This was why we did it. Real adventurer’s. No faux adventurer’s. Besides; you’re 200 metres higher than the lookout.

You’re going to absolutely love the challenge and the views. Do watch for the slippery areas and any time you discover water take extra care. Even with good shoes it’s slippery and, in the wrong area, can be detriment to your health!

Give yourself three hours round trip if you’re simply heading up-and-back, but add a couple hours to explore. Once you get to the top it isn’t really obvious where to go as, at least for me, it is pure bush bashing and rock climbing to find the best views. I think this is why I see so many slightly different angles of Wineglass Bay from the top of Mt Amos. Each to their own as they discover their unique place to take a few stunning photos from.

I hope you enjoy mine and good luck on your Mount Amos hike. Beware though; we experienced Tassie withdrawals when we returned to Sydney. I am sure it won’t be long before we’re back.


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